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Toronto's most confusing intersection now has its own t-shirt

It's no secret that the intersection at Bloor, Sterling and Symington is one of the city's worst. 

It's constantly being blocked by drivers heading east, and cars, pedestrians and cyclists just can't seem to navigate it properly. 

The city even painted yellow cross-hatching across the entire intersection to clearly indicate where it actually is, but even that didn't seem to work. 

So while this particularly annoying Junction Triangle intersection shows no signs of improving anytime soon, at least you can now buy a t-shirt that explains how it works. 

"This shirt is a shout out to a very specific intersection in the west end," an Instagram post about the design states. 

"It causes confusion AND delay. It also sends people into balls of rage when it's misused. If this intersection affects you or someone love, please help spread the gospel. Wear this shirt to help people understand how it works! The neighbourhood thanks you."

The relevant and trendy tee was created by mymovingparts, a vegan, environmentally friendly and socially responsible company.

Their shop on Etsy features t-shirts with other bold statements, such as "Thoughts and prayers," "Vagina" and "Stay outta my orbit!" 

The company is made-up of a husband and wife team: he illustrates the designs and she does the printing. 

"My spouse is a brilliant illustrator, and I'm an inspired screen printer. We print all of our shirts on 100% cotton and use non-toxic Permaset ink," co-owner Rebecca P. wrote on the company's Etsy page. 

"I believe the world needs more art in it. Whether it's through t-shirts, tea towels, prints, tote bags or hand made cards the more beautiful the world can be, the better. I've commited myself to printing ethically from our home studio, bringing useable and wearable art from our house to yours."

The intersection shirt comes in sizes for kids and adults, and they're currently accepting pre-orders.

An adult size will cost you $25 while a kids shirt goes for $15. 

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