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The top men's style and grooming trends in Toronto right now

Last year was most definitely the year of the beard, washed out ripped clothing and tight, slicked back hair. For men, 2017 seems to be loosening up on all fronts with movement in hair, clothing and skin care.

I reached out to several Toronto shops to get the latest on men's grooming and style trends and here's what they said to look out for.

The smooth face

"Skincare is huge for dudes now," says Joel Dart of from Jacob & Sebastian. "It is simply the norm for guys to be picking up pore-refining masks, toners, spot treatment's, and moisturizers. With the beard trend slowing, it seems that guys are really focusing on their skin again."

Short and mid-length beards

Alex Berry, Master Barber at West Queen West's Garrison Barbershop doesn't believe the beard is going anywhere, but it's certainly cleaning up. "A beard in 2017 doesn’t necessarily need to be long and well-groomed," he says. "This year, the short to mid-length natural beard will take over."

Tandem spa treatments

The team at Bode Men's Spa in Toronto have noticed two major shifts in men's care for 2017. First, it's group action. They're seeing more friend groups and pairs coming in for massages are treatments, whereas previously, men's treatments were a super private thing.


Pedicure isn't a bad word anymore. Bode Men's Spa says it's already seen a spike in appointments.

Long hair

Peter Gosling of Glassbox Barbershop believes the traditional barber shop look is on it's way out. "Guys are more interested in styling and blow drying again. There's a lot of flowing and movement." He says it's similar to what happened in the late 50s, when guys started growing their hair out and going to a salon again.

Loose fitting clothing

The tailored and fitted stranglehold on menswear is loosening up. Pants are more relaxed, shirts are baggier, things aren't so tight to the body and tailored. Jesar Gabino of Nomad has noticed "a mixing of over sized shirts, sweaters and tops paired with a skinny pair of pants." Celebrities like Kanye and Travis Scott are leaders in this look.

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Ryan Bolton at Glassbox Barbershop

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