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The top 10 stores for indoor plants in Toronto

Indoor plants are essential for nature lovers who don’t have the luxury of a backyard. If you’re looking to greenify your little basement apartment or condo space with some ferny friends and trendy terrariums, this city has a great selection of nurseries for you to peruse.

Here are my picks for the top stores to find indoor plants in Toronto.

Stamen and Pistil

A go-to place for pre-potted plants, this Dundas West store has a big selection of orchids, tropical plants and succulents for your enjoyment. Terrariums are also offered here, as are workshops on how to make your own.


Priding themselves in their unique array of hand-picked plants, Dynasty is a great place to look for indoor plants in the West Queen West area. They carry some exceptional large cacti and succulents, and their vintage pots and planters set them apart from other stores

Eco Stems

You won’t know how many varieties of terrariums exist until you visit this Corktown store. You can get the desert kinds, the open-air kinds, the type that hang from ceilings – everything. This great little spot also has air purifying plants like the weeping fig, if you want to freshen up your home space naturally.

East End Garden Centre

A fantastic resource for every type of greenery imaginable, this nursery in Leslieville has a huge variety of indoor plants of all shapes and sizes. Coming here just to browse is an experience all its own.

Plant World

Located in Etobicoke, this property has been growing vegetables since 1906. Orchids and tropical plants from Florida are aplenty in Plant World’s greenhouse. Walking through it, you’ll have no doubt that this space has long been in the hands of capable gardeners.

Urban Gardener

A pretty little space in the Junction Triangle, indoor greenery like cacti, succulents and potted plants are available here. Urban Gardener’s horticulturalists can also help you plan out your space better to ensure longer, happier lives for your plant friends.

Kim’s Nature

This family-run Markham nursery has a collection of bonsai trees that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Kim’s carries varieties like Ginko and Mugo Pine, for the real bonsai aficionados out there. And really, who doesn’t want a tiny potted tree in their living room?

Home Depot (Stockyards)

Your favourite American home hardware store also happens to be a fantastic source for potted plants. Vegetation here is sold at very low prices, and this Junction location is a great place to find the tall types to spruce up your living room.

Crown Flora

This place is green in all types of ways. Not only do they have a big selection of terrariums here, they also share their storefront with Greenhouse Juice Co. to provide customers with greens for decoration and consumption.


Come out to this plant haven in Leslieville and have the time of your life perusing through their curated succulent selection. If you can’t make it out to their physical shop (shame) you can also order plants online and have them shipped to you.

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Hector Vasquez at Crown Flora

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