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10 great Toronto themed t-shirts you can buy right now

Toronto themed t-shirts are just further testimony to why our city is so amazing. On top of the nightlife, food, art, festivals, music and thousands of other reasons to love this city, Toronto is also alive with local pride. Torontonians love this place so much they want to wear it literally on their sleeves.

Here's a round-up of some of the top Toronto themed t-shirts you can buy in Toronto right now.

Toronto vs. Everybody
Does this shirt make you want to pound your chest with Toronto pride or what? Although the line might come off as a bit combative, the designers at Peace Collective say "we mean it in the nicest way possible." Get yours for $30 at Peace where they donate a month's worth of school meals for one child to the World Food Program for every item sold.

toronto tshirt

If you pronounce the first long "o" or the second "t" in Toronto, you're probably not from around these parts. The folks at The Button Machine have come up with this Blue Jays-inspired typographic design for those who prefer the local phonology. Get yours for $28.

toronto tshirt

The Neighbourhood Project
With 58 Toronto neighbourhoods represented, this collection of cool typography-based tees will definitely feature your 'hood - even if it's not one of the big guys like High Park or the Danforth. The shirts cost $24.99, and $1 from each shirt sold is donated between Free The Children and Humane Society of Canada.

toronto tshirt

We the North
Even if you've never heard of Kyle Lowry or Jurassic Park, chances are you know about "We the North" - and you have to admit, it's pretty damn civic pride-inducing. You can grab a "We the North" tee from a few different retailers, including Etsy, Real Sports Apparel or, for around $20 or $30.

toronto tshirt

There's no better way to show off your love for Toronto than this simple design from 1 LOVE T.O. for $25. Join hundreds of proud Torontonians who've snapped a pic of themselves wearing the shirt abroad and you'll get a shout out on the I LOVE T.O. Around the World page.

toronto tshirt

Home Is Toronto
Here's the warmer and fuzzier alternative to Peace Collective's Toronto vs. Everybody shirt. Like that one, this $30 Home is Toronto style is all about local civic pride, classically designed and for a good cause.

toronto tshirt

Heartbeats T.O.
With a simple heart rate monitor design that gives a nod to the CN tower, this Heartbeats T.O. tee isn't quite so in-your-face as some of the others on this list, but still says "I love my city with all my heart." (Pardon the pun.) You can pick one up for $25 from

toronto tshirt

YYZ Luggage Tag
Relive the joys and sorrows of your last great vacation (or your last time on airport pick-up duty?) with the YYZ Luggage Tag tee, by designer Chicanery. This homage to Pearson International is available for $20 from, an online clothing retailer that showcases designs from independent artists worldwide.

toronto tshirt

Red Roctopus
Love it or hate it, the TTC is a huge part of Toronto. It's like the lifeblood running through the veins of our city - connecting neighbourhoods, connecting people. Or, as pictured here, maybe it's a big scary octopus we all have to ride sometimes. Grab your Red Roctopus tee from Etsy retailer Dead Men Design for $20.

toronto tshirt

Retro Toronto
Canadian retailer Ole Originals is busting out some fantastic, retro-inspired tees in homage to our country's greatest cities. Maybe we're a bit biased here in the T.O., but the Toronto version ($35) is clearly the best one, no?

What did I miss? Add more t-shirts to the comments.

Writing by Stacey Sleightholm

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