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Robin Kay Gets Spanked

The prospect of Robin Kay being removed as President of the Fashion Design Council of Canada is nothing new. It seems like every Fashion Week there's a Fire Robin email campaign waged by her detractors. But the shitstorm she's created this year in the wake of her much publicized drunken speeches seems to be giving renewed hope to some that her days as the face of Canada's fashion industry are numbered.

In an email widely circulated yesterday by someone referring to themselves as, Ms. Kay is accused of being drunk, incomprehensible and a public embarrassment to the fashion community not only nationally but also internationally.

Included was a link to a petition that calls for her termination as well as reform to the FDCC.

One bystander at the Media Cocktail earlier this week told me:

The first time I'd seen her was during the Media Cocktail when she got up and gave a rambling, slightly drunken-sounding speech, and she kept going on about f-words. At the end, she held up that guy's (Tyler Brule) publication and couldn't pronounce "Monocle" and said something non-sensible about, "Well you know what it is" and waved the copy of the mag around. It was pretty embarrassing.

Here's a copy of the full email:

Robin Kay's tenure as President of the Fashion Design Council of Canada is over !

Miss Kay was drunk while making her incomprehensible speech for the 9:00pm Mango show a team which traveled from Spain and sponsored and showcased at L'Oreal Fashion Week. She has become a public embarrassment to the fashion community not only nationally but now international. Her unacceptable behavior has been a continuous distraction at fashion week and taken valuable attention away from the designers.

Enough is enough it is time for Robin Kay to be terminated as president of the FDCC.

Please take a moment to sign the ongoing petition and provide your comments

We the undersigned call for a reform of the Fashion Design Council of Canada.

For the FDCC to meet the needs of Canadian Designers it requires new leadership, the fashion industry desperately needs a leader that will genuinely earn the respect of the community, one who has ability to bring together members of the fashion community instead of alienating many who have contributed to the industry.

1. The termination of Ms. Robin Kay as president of the FDCC
2..Voting rights for fashion designers be reinstated for all workings of the FDCC.
3. Audited financial statements be published and provided to members for the past 5 years
4 .Notices for meetings and AGM be communicated publicly on the FDCC website.
5. An Ombudsperson be set up to investigate any complaints against Robin Kay and the FDCC.

6. Board members and the president of the FDCC be elected by its members - the fashion community

Fashion designers need to take back control of L'Oreal Fashion Week and the Fashion Design Council of Canada.

Photos by JaMmCat on Flickr

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