Let's face it: some things are just too good to pass up. I'll admit that I often succumb to my desires: frappuccinos from Starbucks, fruit smoothies from Letterie, a good slice of vegan chocolate cake, and then there is this outfit that I serendipitously found.

This "soulfully seductive secretary" look fuses a romantic-yet-moody-chic into the perfect office ensemble. If you haven't had your fix today, this outfit is the perfect alternative. Hyphen designers Liz Consiglio and J-P Guaracci share their story.

NS: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
Hyphen Team (HT): We just started. No internships. No working for anyone. We started with the passion to create. The idea came to us about a year after our graduations. Liz graduated from Seneca College in Fashion design, and J-P graduated from The Ontario College of Art and Design with a major in Illustration. One night in January of 2002, which feels like yesterday, we were at a bar having some beers, and jokingly we talked about starting our own line. When the beer wore off, all jokes aside, we still thought it was a pretty good idea and that it was possible.

NS: How did you come up with your design name?
HT: Hyphen to us is the compounding of separate things. Since the beginning, we
have created a unique inspiration for each season by hyphenating
two separate ideas or themes.

NS: What details make your designs distinctly yours?
HT: A lot goes into our collections. We do a ton of hand finishing... we take the extra time to perfect the look, feel and craftsmanship of our work. We try to take things in our own direction. We just follow our creative intuition and end up with a collection that is never too far from the trends, but never too trendy that it becomes tacky. Hyphen is a line of separates, wearable and high in quality.

NS: How would you describe the Fall/Winter collection?
HT: Our Fall / Winter collection is titled Soul-Shepherd. Soul - A quiet thought dimly lit by the stained glass rays within a private cathedral. The curves and peaks of cathedral architecture have directly infused the collections style lines. Shepherd - The strength of a trail blazing leader adventuring through lush fields of innocent blossoms. [It] encompasses a soft stride through a dream like floral garden.

NS: How much does your collection cost?
HT: Retails from $70.00 - $450.00. The high waisted pants are called Pleated-Arch and retail at $220.00. The oversized turtle neck sweater with bell sleeves and hand crocheted edges is called
Bald-Finial and retails at $155.00.

NS: Where is your stuff around Toronto?
HT: The Soul-Shepherd collection will be in stores by next week. In Toronto you
can find us at Georgie Bolesworth / Model Citizen (913 Dundas Street West),
Trixie (2313 Bloor St. West), and Boutique Le Trou (940 Queen Street West).

NS: Why do you guys love designing?
HT: We love designing because creative ideas are constantly forming in our
heads. It's great to be able to focus all that's in our heads around one collection, and then as
soon as it's done, be excited about starting a new season. A fresh project!
We can explore something completely different if we wanted. It never gets

NS: What are your goals with this line and for the future?
HT: Hyphen's main goal is to reach more people and continue to establish a true
following of individuals who enjoy and appreciate what we do. Maybe a
collaboration with other designers or artists? Maybe interpretive dance? Who
knows? Anything is possible.

NS: What advice do you have for designers who are just starting out in the industry?
HT: Be prepared to work your butt off! I guess the best piece of advice we can offer is to just
go for it.

Check out Hyphen at Booth #513 at The Clothing Show or at the Threads event.

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