toronto barbie party

Toronto nightclub hosts wild Barbie party and people were desperate to get tickets

Toronto's Kens and Barbies have been partying hard in celebration of the highly anticipated release of Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie.

From Barbie cocktail towers to bottle service delivered in a miniature electric Barbie Jeep, The Fifth Social Club delivered what might have been the wildest Barbie party amidst Toronto's Barbie-mania last weekend.

toronto barbie partyWhen nightclub owner, Oliver Geddes, heard early talks about the making of a Barbie movie, he immediately knew it would call for a themed party down the road. 

toronto barbie party"Barbie’s a campy, fun brand that's stood the test of time," Geddes tells blogTO. "The Fifth Social Club—it's always been like a house party vibe. They're both fun. For us, it plays well."

barbie dream house party

On July 22nd, stepping into The Fifth Social Club felt like walking into the ultimate Barbie dream-house-party.

toronto barbie partyThe sold-out event was befittingly held in a venue littered with varying shades of pink.

toronto barbie partyPink lights, balloons, streamers, banners and a Barbie photo booth made the space pink enough for Barbie herself to come party.

toronto barbie partyEach staff member transformed into their own unique Barbie for the event—arched feet not required.

toronto barbie partyShot Barbie sold pink and blue Barbie and Ken shots, which both suitably tasted more like candy than alcohol.

barbie and ken cocktailsEven the Barbie and Ken cocktails, equally as delicious, arrived with a twinkling ring pop perched on top.

toronto barbie partyAs the night progressed, a staff member surprised the crowd with a dance performance, embodying the role of Ken to perfection. 

toronto barbie partyThe party exuded a fun and girly atmosphere, at times resembling a massive bachelorette celebration.

toronto barbie partyThe club was dominated by female-presenting individuals, an uncommon sight for the nightclub industry.

toronto barbie partyHowever, the event welcomed guests of all gender expressions and identities, all eager to embrace their inner Barbie or Ken-ergy with vibrant outfits.

toronto barbie partyOn the dance floor, DJ Dxb took charge, filling the air with hits from female pop stars.

toronto barbie partyAnd when Aqua's iconic "Barbie Girl" began to play, the energy reached a new high, propelling everyone to their feet to dance and sing along with enthusiasm.

toronto barbie partyThe Fifth Social Club operates under the tagline "Make Toronto fun again," a sentiment that was undoubtedly reflected in their unforgettable Barbie Dreamhouse party.  

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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