Zellers Food

Here's what the food at the new Zellers store in Toronto is like

Zellers stores opened in Toronto today to long lines and along with them came the new food offerings.

Due to popular demand, the retail chain is rolling out Zellers Diner food trucks in Ontario and Alberta at various locations on opening day for one day only.

Zellers Food

Zellers Canada's simple menu featuring diner classics. Photo by: Irish Mae Silvestre

We got the chance to not only shop at the store but also try mini versions of some of the menu items.

First up: the fries and gravy.

Topped with a house gravy, this dish was certainly lighter than poutine. The fries were crispy but even the softer bits added a different texture. It's a simple dish, but it's easy to see why it's a Zellers staple. For $3 per order, it simply can’t miss.

Zellers Food

The classic Zellers fries and gravy. Photo by: Fareen Karim

We also tried the Chicken Fingers ($7), and you’re given a choice between plum or barbecue sauce. To be honest, the chicken fingers, which come with five pieces per order, were pretty standard, so the sauce definitely helps.

Zellers Food

Zellers chicken finger with a side of plum sauce. Photo by: Fareen Karim

Proof that you can't mess with a classic: Zellers' Grilled Cheese was another must-try. For $3, you get mild cheddar cheese between two slices of buttered white bread. Simple and delicious.

Zellers Food

Zellers kept it simple with the classic grilled cheese sandwich. Photo by: Fareen Karim

Finally, we tried a smaller version of the Big Z Burger, and honestly, we could’ve easily eaten more than one… or five.

The Angus beef patties are served on a sesame bun and come with a thick slice of pickle. Despite not being a pickle fan, this one complemented the burger well and added the perfect crispy texture to an otherwise melt-in-your-mouth burger.

Zellers Food

Zellers' classic Big Z burger. Photo by: Irish Mae Silvestre

The winners: the Grilled Cheese and the Big Z Burger. Will we go back? For sure. So here's hoping that the Zellers Diner food truck becomes a regular thing.

Lead photo by

Fareen Karim

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