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Adam Sandler surprised staff at a Toronto ice cream shop and here's what he ordered

Adam Sandler gave staff at a Toronto ice cream shop a surprise when he showed up and ordered a cone.

Summer's Ice Cream was the latest recipient of a visit from the celeb, who has been spotted a lot in the Yorkville neighbourhood where the shop is located.

He started getting bombarded for selfies in the area a few weeks back, and people have caught on and started waiting for him outside restaurants.

The good-natured Sandler has been talking to fans, patiently taking photos, and even high-fived a kid in the neighbourhood.

Sandler ordered the best-selling Chocolate Fudge Brownie from Summer's when he visited.

The ice cream shop posted photos from the visit over the weekend, showing Sandler posing in oversized sunglasses with several staff members.

"Adam Sandler and his family came yesterday and the day before," Summer's manager Franz tells blogTO, referring to Sunday and Saturday. 

"We've been awaiting a visit from him for weeks now and he finally did. We were starstruck. He was the one holding our phones to take selfies/'groupies.' Even our customers lined up to take pictures with him. He was pretty chill and the whole family was nice."

Summer's has been around since 1984, and if you swing by and aren't lucky enough to run into Sandler, at least you can get your hands on some of the best ice cream in the city.

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