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Toronto restaurant giving away free burgers to anyone doing a good deed this week

Burgers are free from a certain Toronto restaurant to any do-gooders who accomplish a good deed this week.

Fearless Meat has been known as a community-oriented business since it opened, offering discounts and deals for seniors, veterans, kids and people in need.

Owner David Brown views doing business this way as his duty as a butcher, and now he's taking his ideas one step further by attempting inspire other people to perform acts of kindness themselves.

"I was getting a haircut with my barber of over 20 years. His business has been devastated, first with the extended lockdown and now with people working from home, cutting their own hair or having haircuts less often," Brown tells blogTO.

"He can't cover his monthly rent and doesn't know how he will survive this latest Omicron disaster. I gave him a generous tip and then thought about how in a hopefully big way, I can help all of the folks out there who are struggling, and so, came up with this free burger for a good deed idea."

He started up the challenge on Dec. 19, and it'll run until Dec. 26. All you have to do is reply to Fearless Meat's social media posts about the challenge with your good deed, or post it to a local Facebook neighbourhood group, and you'll get a free Fearless Meat "Beach Burger."

The "Beach" burger is their signature six-ounce burger, which normally costs $5.99. They're going to be operating on the honour system, taking people's word they've actually done the good deed they've posted.

"Often it is the little things that matter most, such as helping the proverbial little old lady across the street or calling a loved one to say you care about them," says Brown.

He also posted some suggestions of possible good deeds people could perform using examples from YouTube

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