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Mississauga restaurant wants bad review taken down by person who wrote it

A Mississauga restaurant that had a bad review from someone who said they found plastic in their food wants the person that wrote it to take the review down.

"This was my first visit and I found sauce bottle lid in my Manchuria noodles," reviewer Ami Shah wrote about The Hakka Club. "I could have choked."

the hakka club

The Google review that Amy posted to Instagram stories. Screenshot from Amy's Instagram account.

Shah tells blogTO the incident happened Sunday night, and The Hakka Club confirms she picked up food on that day around 11 p.m.

"I found plastic lid from one food and tiny pieces of plastic from another food item," Shah tells blogTO.

The restaurant was able to reach her using the phone number she used for her takeout order, confirming the order punched time with the incoming call time.

"She never called us or complained until we saw the online review," Hakka Club owner Kunal Batra tells blogTO. 

"Without any further delay we called and enquired about the situation and apologized for something, we're still not sure if it was our mistake."

They informed her they investigated any accidents that could have possibly happened, and couldn't find anything that may have snuck into her meal.

"The restaurant called me yesterday to take down my review as it may affect their reputation," says Shah. "They even told me they investigated, they didn't find anything, so because they are new they don't want such reviews."

The Hakka Club offered her money back and a free courtesy meal on them.

"I didn't accept because it wasn't a matter of money. It was not accepted as public health and safety," says Shah.

"Anyone may have choked it and risk their life. I didn't find that seriousness from them. The lady was more interested to take down the review."

Batra has 15 years of restaurant experience and three restaurants in the Mississauga area by different names, The Hakka Club opened most recently around January 2021.

"As of now we have called them numerous times to apologize and make up for their bad experience but again, we still don't have any idea about the foreign object in the meal," says Batra.

"We have an experienced team of chefs and also have high quality cameras installed in our kitchen to monitor all activities. Anyone is more than welcome to stop by and view the footage of the time we prepared her meal."

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