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One of Toronto's most romantic restaurants permanently closes

One of the most romantic restaurants in Toronto has closed its doors for good, meaning there's one less great place in town for impressing a date.

Dandylion posted to social media this week saying "that's a wrap" and "it was never meant to be forever."

Opened in 2014, the restaurant was known not only for its romantic atmosphere but also for its stunning food and service, attracting some of the most creative hospitality powerhouses in the city when it came to staff.

Think confit fennel, grilled spot prawns and panna cotta. During the pandemic, the restaurant had been holding strong with a takeout program that often sold out and sometimes had a loose BBQ theme.

Their closing post has garnered around 1,240 likes and well over 200 comments including ones from industry heavyweights like Matty Matheson (Matty's Patty's) and Jen Agg (Le Swan, Bar Vendetta).

"Woah! I have had so many great times (and great dinners) in that beautiful room," wrote Agg. "Will miss it!"

"Truly the end of an era," wrote Matthew Ravenscroft, ex-chef of Rosalinda. "An iconic era. Thank you for all you created and for the best food and memories."

"Sorry to see you go chef," Labora owner Rob Bragagnolo wrote. "Looking forward to what's next."

Cheese Boutique owner Afrim Pristine also chimed in, fitting as Dandylion served excellent cheese: "The chef is one of the smartest chefs I've ever come across. Congrats on a great run."

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