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Big crowd seen drinking outside bar on King West has Toronto fuming

While we know now that the global pandemic is here to stay for quite some time and public health officials continue to recommend that residents practice social distancing, hand washing and mask usage, a photo is now circulating online of a large group of young people drinking, socializing and breaking a whole host of rules outside a bar on King Street West.

The photo, which was posted to Twitter Saturday evening by a nurse practitioner named Erin Lough, shows a group of more than 30 people standing around and drinking outside Marbl

The people do not appear to be social distancing in the photo, and not one of the individuals present appears to be wearing a mask.

"It shouldn’t need to be said, but as a nurse practitioner - PLEASE continue to socially distance and wear your masks in public," wrote Lough on Twitter after sharing the photo.

"Believe me, I'd love to be patio drinking right now. But right now the health and safety of others is more important so let's do better, k?"

It's unclear at this point whether the group was at Marbl specifically or just gathering on the street, as the bar has yet to respond to a request for comment.

But one Toronto resident did tweet that she walked by and witnessed a lineup to get into the establishment's patio, and she also said she saw them serving drinks on the spot.

Either way, the photo has garnered much attention on Twitter from Torontonians who are furious at the apparent lack of concern for the public health crisis. 

"I have been self isolating for over 85 days now and I'm still social distancing and taking all the precautions that I should," wrote one angry resident. "The virus isn't gone yet. I don't understand people, do you have to see increasing number of deaths in young people too? FFS STAY HOME! #StayHomeStaySafe."

"Apparently COVID-19 isn't a concern anymore because it's too inconvenient to worry about it now that the weather's better," wrote another.

And some said they wouldn't be surprised if these were the same people who were partying at Trinity Bellwoods several weeks ago

Currently, provincial orders prohibit gatherings of more than five people and restaurants and bars are not permitted to offer any kind of dine-in service, including on patios. 

And had these people been in a park or public square instead of a sidewalk, they would've also been breaking the municipal bylaw that requires everyone to maintain a two-metre distance from anyone from a different household.

In other words, those who chose to gather on King West on Saturday clearly had little concern for the rules put in place to protect residents from further spread of the deadly virus that is COVID-19.

Lead photo by

Erin Lough

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