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10 places to eat latkes in Toronto

Places to eat latkes in Toronto are plentiful. Popular Middle Eastern restaurants, delis and brunch spots all serve up the delicious potato pancake fried to perfection. Whether you want to top it with apple sauce or sour cream, these joints will satisfy all cravings for the Hannukah staple.

Here are my picks for the tasiest places to find latkes in Toronto.

Sid's Deli

Latkes at this Baldwin Village deli are served up in a variety ways. Of course there's your classic potato version, but latkes can also be found in flavours of potato and leek, dill, caraway seed and even studded with bacon.

Centre Street Deli

If you're looking for latkes the size of your head, this Thornhill deli will not disappoint. These huge morsels are served in two different ways, potato or vegteable, and make the perfect side dish for their smoked meat sandwiches.

Fat Pasha

This Annex spot takes your Bubbie's latkes to the next level. Potato pancakes are fried in duck fat and served alongside beet root gravlax, whitefish salad, sour cream, pickled onion and topped with chives. On the go? Grab a latke from their bagel joint Schmaltz Appetizing next door.

Caplansky's Deli

The popular Toronto deli does in fact do more than smoked meat. Not only can you grab traditional latkes here, but if you hit up their Yorkville location you'll discover the ever so delicious latke poutine which is smothered with cheese curds and smoked meat gravy.

People's Eatery

This Chinatown restaurant has one of the most eclectic menus I've ever seen. From crispy Thai pork to traditional potato latkes, this place truly has it all. Latkes here are served snack sized with pastrami spiced smoked trout and sour cream.

United Bakers Dairy

This popular brunch spot in North York is dishing out all your favourite Jewish foods. As far as latkes go you can order one on the side or opt for the potato latke dinner which is available in three pieces or a hearty six piece version.

Pancer's Deli

The iconic North York delicatessen has been reclaimed by the Pancer family and they are serving up all the old favourites, including laktes. They're served two per order and accompanied by apple sauce and sour cream.

Free Times Cafe

Hot, crispy, greasy latkes don't get much better than the ones found at this Little Italy restaurant. Each order comes with six fried potato and onion pancakes and serived with sour cream and apple sauce for dipping.

Cardinal Rule

You may be surprised to learn that you can find potato latkes at this popular Roncesvalles Village eatery. Latkes can be found on their brunch menu under 'Spuds.' So next time you're there, skip the Cardinal sin fries and opt for the latkes instead.

Universal Grill

Found at Dupont and Shaw is this gem of a restaurant that's best know for its brunch. Potato latkes are served with salmon gravlax, sour cream, capers and greens.

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