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10 breweries where you can buy growlers in Toronto

Breweries where you can buy growlers in Toronto know how handy these big beer jugs are. In fact, even the LCBO and The Beer Store have started carrying them. Grab a growler and take your favourite brewski home to drink quickly with friends.

Here are my picks for the top breweries to buy growlers in Toronto.

Rorschach Brewing

Growlers from this brewery in Leslieville are $16 with a $4 deposit. They’ve got 16 beers on tap like the God Spot provisional saison and Master Status IPA that you can bring home; for refills its $12.

Henderson Brewing

Take some of this Junction Triangle brewery’s flagship beer home in a growler for $15 with a $5 deposit. Their Henderson’s Best is most popular, though they have an IPA-ish Union Pearson Ale on offer as well.

Junction Craft Brewing

This brewery is only open Thursday to Sunday, but thanks to growlers their list of ales and IPAs can be brought home for your enjoyment all the other days of the week. Growlers require a $10 deposit plus an average cost of $15 for the brew.

Saulter Street Brewery

If you don't want to break your arm carrying beer home, come to this Riverside brewery and pick up a howler for $5.50. You can take some of their signature Czech-style pilsner chez you for half the size and half the price of a standard growler.

Halo Brewery

You’ll want to take some beer home from this brewery’s fragrant selection of fruity and flowery drafts. Located in the Junction Triangle, Halo sells growlers for a one-time fee of $5 plus $10 to $14, depending on which beer you want imbibe.

Muddy York Brewing Co.

This East York brewery looks small but it's  got a mighty selection. Their Gaslight Helles lager is one of their best sellers, though they have popular IPAs too. Take some with you for $12 to $15, plus an $8 deposit for the growler.

Indie Alehouse

Growlers here are pre-filled with beers that rotate daily at $20 a fill plus a $4 deposit. If you plan on coming back often, the better deal is to join Indie’s Growler Club for $100 annual fee; you can choose which beer you want bottled, the growler cost is included and it’s around $15 per refill.

Rainhard Brewing

This Stockyards brewery has small batch brews like the Lazy Bones IPA that you can take home for anywhere between $15 and $19, plus a $5 deposit.

Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery

Nestled in a gastropub in Liberty Village, this massive brewery's beers are meant to be paired with Liberty's hearty meals. But if you really can't stick around for the food, the 32-ounce howlers cost $11 and are $7 to refill for home enjoyment.

Eastbound Brewing Company

While they don’t offer growlers per say, this Riverside brewery does offers offer crowlers, a.k.a. 950 ml cans that can be sealed onsite for $9. Its much smaller than a growler but still worthy of consideration since they can be filled up with any tap beers and last a couple of weeks.

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Hector Vasquez at Henderson Brewing

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