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This honest Government of Canada ad has everyone cracking up

A parody advertisement for Canadian tourism has gone viral overnight, with hundreds of thousands of viewers erupting into stitches over the fun it pokes at our government's very serious shortcomings.

The housing crisis, the Greenbelt scandal, runaway wildfires, the pipeline controversy — everything residents have expressed concern and outrage about in recent months is included in the clip, which serves as a spoof of what an "honest" ad from our leadership might look like.

The video, from an Australian media company that vows to "make governments honest," starts off by showing all of the wonders that are now vanishing from our country: affordable housing and groceries, the Greenbelt, access to news, honesty from our politicians, and "trees that aren't on f***ing fire."

It also dives into how our nation's actions completely contradict our reputation as "the peaceful, polite, nature-loving country with the woke-babe PM and the friendly horsey police," with clips of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling Canada a major oil and gas producing company and RCMP officers kicking in the doors of Wet'suwet'en protesters.

(The RCMP, whose pension fund has millions invested in the pipeline through Wet'suwet'en land, the video points out.)

It also jokes about the subsidies that the government gives to oil companies and foreign entities that many feel are not acting in the best interests of Canadians or the world in general.

"Our Prime Marketer doesn't even try to hide it, like the time he declared a climate emergency and then approved an oil pipeline the very next day. Cool and normal," the host of the ad quips, calling Canada's multiple pipeline projects "a massive f***-you to every living thing on the planet."

Many have jumped to the comments to thank the creators of the video, saying things like "as a Canadian, it's nice to know some people around the world haven't fallen for our bullsh**" and "thanks for explaining clearly in four minutes what our national broadcasters haven't been able to explain in four years."

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