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Former Toronto candidate argues with internet strangers after luxury car stolen

A former candidate who finished distant in the polls in the 2023 Toronto mayoral by-election had his luxury SUV stolen, and now he's calling strangers on the internet weird.

Retired police officer Blake Acton, who registered just 264 votes (placing 35th behind a staunch anti-vaxxer, a dog, an alleged fraudster-turned-folk hero, and the guy who egged John Tory's office), shared a since-deleted video of his Range Rover SUV being stolen from his driveway in mere seconds just before midnight on Friday.

"Absolutely unbelievable I had my new SUV Range Rover stolen from my driveway, I'm so angry, this city is going right down the drain, I loved that vehicle," wrote Acton.

The post on X (formerly Twitter) appears to have generated a whole lot more interest than Acton's failed mayoral push. Responses to the initial post quickly got out of hand, and it wasn't long before Acton started arguing with randoms.

Acton attacked commenters with (please excuse the obvious sarcasm) sharp, witty responses like "weirdo" and "your [sic] weird."

The person who considered himself worthy of running Canada's economic capital used the incorrect homonym of "your" instead of "you're" a total of five times in a comment thread thatΒ devolved into petty name-calling.

Acton appears to have had some second thoughts about the X post, as he has since taken down the video and even deleted some of his more controversial responses. One deleted reply allegedly advocated for the death penalty in Canada, though the allegation cannot be independently verified at this time.

The failed candidate has also attempted to shift the blame on City Hall, claiming that the city is led by "criminals," without providing any supporting evidence.

Aside from his squabbles with internet randoms, Acton's recent social media activity includes retweeting several posts from an account featuring videos alleging anti-white violence, misinformation about Toronto injection sites trading used needles for chocolate, and posts criticizing military funding for Ukraine.

blogTO reached out to Blake Acton via email for comment on his SUV theft and the response online. There has been no response as of writing.

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