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Video shows someone trying to steal a bike in classic Dufferin Mall madness

Toronto's Dufferin Mall is jokingly referred to as the mall with it all, not just for its satisfactory variety of retailers, selection of diarrhea-inducing fast food that is hard to find elsewhere in the city and somewhat dismal aesthetic, but for its very specific brand of entertaining chaos.

With loving epithets like Sufferin Mall and The Dirty Duff — the handle of a popular Instagram account that documents the mall's hilarious lore — the shopping centre has been home to such beloved staples as one of downtown's few Swiss Chalets (RIP), a Cinnabon-turned-iconic wedding venue, and even a neighbouring beach (one of the most unique in history, no less).

What really makes Dufferin Mall the treasure that it is, though, is the quirky antics that somehow always go down there and the cast of unpredictable characters that haunt its halls.

This week, it was an attempted bike theft from the centre's Walmart that was caught on video and shared widely on socials, where dozens teased about how well it exemplifies the Dirty D.

"Just another day at Dufferin mall" one person tweeted alongside the clip, which was originally posted on TikTok, where it has so far amassed 542.5k views, 13.3k likes and more than 1,000 comments.

In it, viewers can see a man demonstrating top tier Duff Mall class by trying to wrestle a bicycle out of the hands of a Walmart employee, who refuses to release the item despite the man yelling, swearing and telling him to let it go while already on his way out the front doors.

The determined staffer clearly wasn't having it with this particular guest, and eventually manages to win the tug of war after sternly and calmly telling the criminal "no" multiple times, pulling the bike back into the store.

Two other employees and one security guard are also seen stepping in at points, though halfheartedly so. The perpetrator, outnumbered and overpowered, gives up by the end of the 28-second video, walking away defeated and visibly bothered by his own failure.

A member of Dufferin Mall Walmart management confirmed to blogTO in a phone call that the incident took place this past week, though they weren't personally on duty at the time.

She added that the store has a designated security guard for ordeals like these, and that no one ended up calling the police, as the man simply left the premises empty-handed and without further issue.

Some are noting in comments on the video, though, that it looks like the thief may have had even more merchandise hidden under his shirt that he did, in fact, get away with.

People have also been quick to chime in and say how sorry they feel for the employees who have to deal with potentially dangerous incidents like these, which are above their pay grade to defuse.

Still, based on retorts like "Good old Dufferin mall" and "They don’t call it Sufferin Mall for no reason," the footage is clearly resonating with anyone who has stepped foot in the centre and experienced all that it is, including some of its more unique shoppers.

It is through videos like these that the legend of Duff Mall will continue to live on for all who know and love it, and even those who have yet to encounter its joys.

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