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Someone got married at the Cinnabon at Dufferin Mall in Toronto

You may have fallen in love with the aroma wafting from the Cinnabon in Dufferin Mall as you walk by, but one couple recently celebrated their love by tying the knot in the food court.

That's right, Kate Palumbo and Andi Larocca were legally married in front of the Cinnabon at Dufferin Mall on Tuesday, Sept. 6, officiated by Kaleb Robertson. 

"Our officiant had always wanted to conduct a wedding ceremony in the Dufferin Mall food court. Who are we to stand in the way of his dreams?" Larocca tells blogTO.

"When we decided to get married in the spring of this year, we wanted the celebrations to be a reflection of our dynamic together…so we basically 'Yes And-ed' our way to the Cinnabon altar to get married on 6/9."

Great choice for a date, by the way.

"We were joined by five of our dearest and queerest and got a standing ovation from the food court crowd. A fresh Cinnabon was the perfect wedding cake. We stopped by the photo booth on our way out to capture the moment," says Larocca.

The Instagram account about all things Dufferin Mall, @thedirtyduff, posted a gallery of photos documenting the occasion to social media, to which lots of local restaurants and folks responded with a kind of virtual standing ovation.

"The best," wrote Glory Hole Doughnuts, with Pasta Forever writing, "u r iconic."

There's been no shortage of creative proposals and weddings over the recent years, especially since restrictions have hijacked a lot of plans or caused some of them to be uncontrollably changed.

People have been getting married on porches, out in the cold by the lake, at bars, and many have been eloping.

However, a food court wedding (now that they're back open again) is a new one.

"The Duff truly is the 'Mall With It All," says Larocca. "Will it be the city's hottest new wedding venue? We give it five stars!"

It's safe to say that though it's not the most conventional wedding venue, this couple was more than satisfied with their experience, and are definitely in the running for Most Toronto Wedding Ever.

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