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Toronto parking cops are now ticketing other parking cops in dramatic twist

There's no feeling more gut-wrenching than returning to your vehicle to find that dreaded yellow slip in your windshield, indicating that you've been nabbed for a parking violation. 

In a dramatic twist of event this week, it looks like Toronto Parking Enforcement have finally gotten a taste of their own medicine. 

Pedestrians were shocked to discover that an enforcement vehicle parked near the intersection of Duncan Street and Richmond Street in downtown Toronto received its very own parking ticket. 

It's definitely not a sight you see every day, as most often, the appearance of a parking enforcement car means other vehicles in the area have most likely been branded with the heart-wrenching yellow ticket. 

Perhaps the vibrant yellow slip wasn't a real parking ticket, and instead, a clever jokester who wanted to give a parking enforcement officer a little head-scratching moment. 

In one instance late last year, someone tried to fool a Toronto parking cop with an empty pack of Juicy Fruit gum

It's not clear why the vehicle received the fine, or if it was simply a funny co-worker playing a humorous prank, but you can't deny that the whole situation is pretty damn ironic. 

Lead photo by

Azalea Hart

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