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Someone just tried and failed to scam Toronto parking cops with a 7-year-old ticket

People in Toronto go to great lengths to get away with traffic offences, but cops are wise to the not-so-crafty tricks motorists are using to skirt the long arm and pen of the traffic law.

In one bafflingly stupid example, a motorist parked illegally on the west side of Dufferin, just south of St. Clair, with an old parking ticket wedged under one of the car's wipers that they thought would be enough to confuse traffic cops.

Parking Enforcement Officer Erin Urquhart explained the recent case in a TikTok video that was also uploaded to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

"Yesterday, I had a co-worker of mine message me and send me these pictures," Urquhart said.

"People use old tickets to try and avoid paying for parking or park illegally, and they think that we don't check the ticket."

Well, that is an incorrect assumption on behalf of drivers, who are getting pinned with tickets in spite of their mildly creative, if not played-out attempts to game the system.

PEO Urquhart then shows a photo of the recent Dufferin Street example, explaining that this case "takes the cake," the driver using a seven-year-old ticket issued all the way back in Sept. 2015 to try and avoid a fresh ticket.

Urquhart remarks that the car in question is "definitely not on Stephanie Street," as the ticket reads, adding that "there are so many things that I find funny in this scenario."

"Our parking tickets don't even look like that anymore. We use different paper. The ticket design is totally different, we don't have that barcode on the top anymore, it doesn't say 'Ontario Court of Justice,' so I've gotta say, nice try, but you failed."

The photo of the car in question shows two tickets, one saved ticket placed by the driver and a second ticket placed by Parking Enforcement, who were not fooled by the blatant attempt at trickery.

"We do read tickets, and we know this trick very well. Nice try."

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