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Toronto traffic cops raked in $450 in just a couple minutes thanks to selfish drivers

Toronto cyclists love to grumble about cars illegally parked in bike lanes. And they have good reason to be vocal about this problem, as these blockages force vulnerable riders to merge with fast-moving vehicle traffic.

But Toronto Police parking enforcement officers are doing their best to make life equally difficult for these rogue parkers, a group that has proven to be quite the cash cow for the police force.

Such was the case on a recent parking enforcement patrol along Adelaide Street West, where PEO Erin Urquhart came across three vehicles parked along a short stretch of bike lane, rendering it unusable to cyclists.

An SUV, a sedan, and a delivery truck occupying the bike lane were all issued tickets of $150, netting the cops $450 in just a couple of minutes, or the time it took PEO Urquhart to write the tickets.

"This is what $450 worth of parking tickets looks like that were written in the span of just a couple minutes," said Urquhart. "Yesterday, I was out on my bike doing some enforcement, and I came across three unoccupied vehicles in the Adelaide St. W. bike lane. There were no drivers in sight, but there were cyclists in sight."

So if you're thinking of parking in a bike lane, even just for a minute, know that your unwillingness to find a legal parking spot is putting cyclists at risk.

And for those who are aware and continue to selfishly block bike lanes, take note that those blinking hazard lights are more likely to attract the attention of parking enforcement officers instead of landing you a pass.

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