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Someone tried to fool a Toronto parking cop with an empty pack of Juicy Fruit

Between lazy scammers, disobedient jerks and, at times, violent attackers, Toronto Parking Enforcement officers deal with a lot of guff, to say the least.

So when one of them stumbles upon an obvious attempt to fool them, especially in a way that most people would agree insults the intelligence of all involved, Toronto's PEOs are liable to put the wannabe-trickster on blast.

Toronto Police Service Parking Enforcement Officer Erin Urquhart has been in the game long enough to spot a fake ticket when she sees one — especially when said "ticket" is actually an empty pack of gum.

"I have lots of footage to share throughout the week of my patrols today, but this pack of gum on a windshield needs its own TikTok," joked the officer when sharing footage of that very thing this week.

"Was it left there to mask itself as a ticket? Or….. just saying, that's a new one."

The clip, as shared to TikTok and Twitter, starts with Urquhart jamming to Billy Talent in her patrol car, confirming that she is a millennial with taste.

Ironically, and perhaps purposefully given how the video plays out, the track is entitled "Try Honesty."

Urquhart soon gets out of the vehicle and goes on patrol via bicycle around 4 p.m., filming all the while, as she often does, to hilarious effect.

"I don't know if it's just me or if this person's trying to trick a parking officer with a... pack of Juicy gum on their windshield," she says, zooming in on a flattened yellow gum package and then panning to a street sign that clearly indicates parking is prohibited between the hours of nine and five.

"That's new, never seen that before," says Urquhart as she puts a real parking ticket under the vehicle's windshield wiper, right next to the Juicy Fruit.

While most people on TikTok were more preoccupied with the inclusion of Billy Talent (a Canadian band that happens to be one of the most underrated in history,) some did comment to say how stupid they found the Juicy Fruit move.

"The juicy fruit was an interesting choice," wrote one, to which the surprisingly-accessible Urquhart replied: “Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya!... possibly by a tow truck."

For the record, parking in a no-parking zone within the City of Toronto can carry fines of up to $450 — enough to buy at least 200 packs of Juicy Fruit that I can promise you will fool nobody into getting away with an illegal park job.

Lead photo by

Erin Urquhart

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