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Toronto trucker drives away from parking ticket with open cargo door

A truck driver just made a complete fool of themself on the streets of Toronto, the latest viral moment in the quiet battle over bike lanes between the cyclists they were designed for and the truckers who so readily disregard them for their own convenience.

It was a sweet moment of justice last week when Toronto's own parking enforcement viral sensation and minor TikTok celeb shared a pretty hilarious L for a truck driver caught on video, one that only got worse when he returned to his vehicle after making a delivery.

Parking Enforcement Officer Erin Urquhart shared the amusing TikTok with her almost 255,000 followers on Friday, showing the truck driver's apparent attempt to avoid a parking ticket after being caught stopped in a bike lane at Dundas Street East and River Street.

Urquhart pulled up to the delivery driver, who was unloading boxes at the time, exclaiming that "it's a bike lane, zero tolerance."

While she attempts to prepare a ticket for blocking a cycle track, the trucker simply hops into the cab and drives off. But in his rush, whether to avoid the ticket or make the next delivery, the driver not only forgot to load his dolly onto the truck, but drove away with the cargo door open and load unsecured.

The driver then pulls around the corner, parking one block away in an entirely different bike lane and earning yet another ticket in the process.

The TikTok has over 387,000 views as of Tuesday afternoon, and includes a caption from Urquhart explaining that "It's my job to enforce bike lanes. Period. As much as y'all go off in my comments about your hate for bike lanes, the fact of the matter is they are here and are enforced, and truck delivering or not. It's a NO STOPPING zone."

"Instead of this driver dangerously leaving his dolly in the bike lane and then driving off with his back door open and then proceeding to stop in a second bike lane. For what? Just park legally in the first place and there was a loading area where the truck goes to eventually. This doesn't need to be a silly game of cat & mouse."

A caption at the end of the video really underscores the stupidity of it all, saying that "there was a loading dock behind the building where the truck eventually turned into. $150 ticket will be mailed."

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Erin Urquhart

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