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Michael Ford criticized for making 'offensive and racist' comment about Toronto youth

Ontario Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism, Michael Ford, received lots of backlash on Wednesday for a comment he made about Toronto youth in a newsletter issued by his office. 

Ford, who is also the MPP for York South - Weston and the nephew of Premier Doug Ford, released a newsletter that aimed to highlight Toronto community group, Frontlines

The youth charity empowers children and young adults in the Weston community, as well as surrounding areas in the GTA, through home-cooked eats and structured programs such as homework clubs, leadership training, and summer camps. 

However, many notable politicians, including Ontario NDP Leader Marit Stiles, took issue with Ford's language in the newsletter, and took to Twitter to ask him to rescind his comments. 

The newsletter reads, "organizations such as Frontlines are crucial to York South - Weston. They have fantastic programs for Youth that will assist them in the future to integrate into society." 

On Wednesday, Stiles took to social media to condemn Ford for his choice of words, writing that "words matter - and this kind of language about our neighbours isn't okay." 

MPP for Toronto - St Pauls, Dr. Jill Andrew, wrote that the word "integrate suggests these outstanding youth are not already invaluable members of society which they are." 

Former MPP for York South - Weston, Faisal Hassan also chimed in, writing that Ford's language in the newsletter was "very disturbing, offensive and racist." 

Soon after, Ford responded to the criticism, tweeting, "I see that different words should have been used." 

"My intention was to showcase their impactful work and the difference they make each and every day." 

Ford has served as the Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism since June 2022. 

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