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Doug Ford's nephew can't do anything on his India trip without getting trolled

Although Michael Ford is some 12,000 kilometres away from his home province right now, the Ontario public is buzzing about him more than ever — and definitely not in a good way.

The province's Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism (who also happens to be Premier Doug Ford's nephew) is on a diplomatic trip overseas right now to help foster Ontario's continuing relationship with India, and he's been taking to social media to share his experience of the country all the while.

It's the young MPP's first time in the South Asian nation, and comes early on in the 28-year-old former city councillor's tenure in Provincial Parliament — a position which many don't believe he should hold in the first place being a white male and, one could very much argue, a nepo baby.

Unfortunately for Ford, despite seemingly enjoying his trip, he is being trolled online throughout it thanks largely to a slip-up he made during a speech over the weekend, in which he accidentally said to tens of thousands of people that "Ontario is home to over 900 people from India." (Though technically correct, the stated number was supposed to be 900,000.)

Now, it seems that the young Ford simply can't live his "900" error down, even when out touring other parts of the foreign country days later.

People are taking every opportunity to poke fun at Ford on Twitter, whether it's joking about his grasp on numbers...

... or his intelligence (and fitness for his duties) in general.

Many are also wondering why the heck he was even sent on this trip, what it is achieving for the province, and what, exactly, it is costing taxpayers to send him to India.

"It's like a taxpayer funded class trip for the stupidest student in Toronto," one person quipped, while others simply asked "why are we paying for this trip?

Hopefully, like his uncles Doug and the late Rob, Michael proves to have a thick enough skin to be a Ford in politics (and maybe even does some good in the role.)

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