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Doug Ford got his hair cut for $26 at Walmart and has regrets

Ontario Premier Doug Ford may come from a wealthy family with a whole host of rich and powerful connections, but the almost conspicuously relatable politician simply loves to save a buck.

But, as any frugal consumer well knows, cheap doesn't always equal good (or even adequate) products and services.

Calling himself a "cheap son of a gun," Ford himself shared a humorous horror story to that effect while speaking to reporters at a press conference in Vaughan on Tuesday morning, explaining that his hair was shorter than usual on account of a botched Walmart haircut.

Global News Queen's Park Bureau Chief Colin D'Mello couldn't help but ask Ford what was going on with his locks (or lack thereof) during a Q&A following Tuesday's presser about a major investment into training centres for skilled trades.

"So let's hear it, was it a number one? A number two?" joked D'Mello, referring to the guard length on the razor used to cut Ford's (obviously way shorter) hair.

"See, every guy out there understands this," said Ford, laughing. "I went down south for a few days, so I go into Walmart — I'm a cheap son of a gun."

Ford goes on to explain that he saw a promotion for a "$15 haircut or whatever" when he walked in and asked the barber for "just a little, little trim."

"And every guy knows what number they are. The lower you get, the more they take off the hair," he said of the razor guard length, noting that he's usually a number four.

"So I sit down on the chair, this guy grabs my hair and starts shaking... the problem was, Colin, he didn't speak English, and I didn't speak Spanish. So all of a sudden, he pulls out the shaver and ZOOM, right across the thing! He must have used not even a one, a zero, and I said, 'Señor! Like, look what you did! One side's full, one side's not!'"

Ford goes on to lament that he then had to pay to get the other side of his head done, costing him about $26 in the end (plus a $10 tip for the barber.)

"I've never paid $26 for a haircut my life!" said the premier, who has clearly been avoiding all salons in Toronto since 1985.

"He went right down to the concrete, as you can see," he continued of the haircut. "I'll tell you, I've never experienced anything in my life. The shortest haircut I've ever had."

D'Mello threw Ford a bone, replying, "well, as the kids would say, the haircut slaps."

"Oh man, it's gonna it's gonna take til August to grow this back," said Ford. "The grass doesn't grow on a busy street."

Most people don't seem to have noticed or care about the haircut, which is only marginally different from Ford's usual 'do, though some online did remark that the Walmart thing caught them off guard.

"So Doug-Millionsof$-Ford gets his haircut at Walmart? Isn't that sort of weird, or is that just me," wrote one Twitter user.

"Just imagine Doug Ford complained about paying $26.00 for a haircut," wrote another. "Lol, imagine if he was only getting a wage like most people."

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