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Areas north of Toronto will be walloped with up to 25 cm of snow this weekend

Winter may have departed this week, but miserable conditions don't always adhere to our calendars and equinoxes, and Ontario is once again buckling up for another weekend of wild weather.

Before you start prepping your snow attire, I should make it clear that Toronto will avoid the worst of things, but those living in areas north of the city can expect to see another significant blanket of snow on Saturday.

Saturday's forecast for Toronto calls for a high of +6 C with 20-30 millimetres of rain and gusts of winds up to 70 km/h. Luckily for 416 residents, the city falls just beyond a large stretch facing forecasts calling for between 15 and 25 centimetres of the white stuff.

Environment Canada warns the affected area stretches from the northern and western Greater Toronto Area all the way north to Sault Ste. Marie in the northwest, and the Quebec provincial line in the northeast.

The system threatening parts of Ontario comes after consecutive weeks of snowstorms that seem to only arrive on weekends, and the first big snowstorm predicted since the arrival of Spring this past Monday.

Many are just over it at this point, especially out in cottage country. The Town of Bracebridge took to Twitter to voice its displeasure with a polite request to opt out of the coming storm.

This holdover from winter will undoubtedly make for messy conditions across much of the province Saturday, but Toronto will experience temperatures in the positive mid-single-digits daily across the next two weeks, meaning you might be able to finally put that snow shovel and road salt back in storage.

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