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Ontario winter storm now expected to bring up to 60 cm of snow

With just days to go before spring begins, some parts of Ontario are bracing for what could be the biggest winter storm of the year to date— one that threatens to dump as much as 60 cm of snow on communities north of Lake Superior.

Meteorologists began warning the public about an incoming storm system a few days ago, noting on Monday that Northern Ontario could see up to 30 cm of snow as the result of a nasty Colorado low.

The storm track appears to have intensified since that time, prompting Environment Canada to issue winter storm warnings for more than half of the north.

Forecasting a "memorable" and "highly impactful" storm, the Weather Network now reports that a moisture-laden system will sweep through Canada's largest province, bringing "disruptive snow" to cottage country and beyond over the weekend.

Toronto will be spared a fourth consecutive Friday of blizzard-like storms, but the weather won't necessarily be nice; In fact, if meteorologists are correct, we'll be looking at a sustained, "dreary rain event" over much of Southern Ontario as the work week comes to an end.

After a soaking wet St. Patrick's Day, Toronto is expected to see some flurries on Saturday and potentially Sunday, though the totals will be nowhere near what we've been delivered by storms over the past month.

"Flurries are likely Saturday night with snow squalls southeast of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay," forecasts Weather Network Meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham for Southern Ontario.

"An active pattern is expected to resume late next week with a couple of Colorado Lows expected late in the week and weekend. These systems are expected to bring rain and possibly mixed precipitation to our region."

Nobody can say for certain when all of this snow business will stop for good (or rather, for a few straight months,) but most Toronto residents can agree after a particularly-dreary winter that summer can't arrive soon enough.

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