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Spectacular bright orange tree draws crowds in Toronto park

When it comes to social media fodder, Toronto's changing fall leaves are the autumn equivalent to spring's cherry blossoms; both beckoning people out of their homes to take selfies with trees that turn jaw-droppingly beautiful for a few precious weeks each year.

But, unlike our city's rare sakura groves, colour-morphing decidous trees can be found all over Toronto (and much of North America, for that matter.)

This doesn't make them any less special, but it does raise the bar for breathtaking fall photos, inspiring many people to travel out of town for the sight of exploding red, orange and yellow trees among dense country foliage for miles around.

The wilds surrounding Toronto and beyond are absolutely stunning in the fall, no doubt, but there's plenty of colour magic to be seen in the city as well.

One pretty fall photo-op that doesn't involve driving for hours has unexpectedly emerged in one of Toronto's busiest west-end parks, Trinity Bellwoods, just northeast of the recreation centre where older gentlemen play ping pong.

trinity bellwoods treeIt's hard to explain in words (which is embarrassing because my job is literally explaining things with words,) but a single tree near the aforementioned centre appears to be almost glowing, turning heads at Trinity Bellwoods Park in recent days.

trinity bellwoods leavesThis foliage on this particular Maple tree was dense in the summertime, providing ample, solid shade to everything beneath it.

trinity bellwoods treeIt not only bears a vibrant orange glow, it's completely ensconced in and surrounded by its own pretty red Maple leaves.

trinity bellwoods leaves

Both on Sunday evening and Monday afternoon, people could be seen posing with the tree for photos. Some people took selfies with friends or loved ones.

trinity bellwoods leaves Others made full Maple leaf crowns and got cool portraits taken. 

trinity bellwoods leavesIt's got the kind of glow that makes the encroaching winter season feel almost bearable.

trinity bellwoods leavesSadly, this tree — let's call her orangeygal — has already shed much of its western side. There isn't much time left to enjoy both the fun pile of leaves and the orange glow from above at the same time.

trinity bellwoods treeBut don't fear: As this gorgeous maple drops the last of her leaves, others are just beginning to shed.

trinity bellwoods leavesFall magic, if I've ever seen it, right in the heart of Toronto's best neighbourhood :)

Photos by

Lauren O'Neil

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