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New study reveals which types of sex products Toronto orders the most

One of the many residual effects of the lockdown days is the fact that businesses have pivoted to focus on online sales, with customers more than happy to e-shop, a habit born out of necessity while businesses were closed and the public was advised to stay home, but maintained now due to obvious convenience.

While things like food and clothing are some of the items many think of when they think of purchasing goods through an app or website, people are buying absolutely everything you could think of for delivery from the comfort and privacy of their home — including sex toys, contraceptives and more. 

Not only are people trawling through the sites of sex shops for their coital tools, but also, perhaps quite surprisingly, ordering them on apps like Uber Eats, which has such offerings from local pharmacies and convenience stores.

And Toronto is one of the top Canadian cities for buying these items for instant delivery, according to new data from the app.

T.O. came fourth on the list of the 10 cities in Canada where people most often order sex paraphernalia for instant delivery through Uber Eats, coming after Edmonton, Ottawa, and Calgary, and before Vancouver, Quebec City, London, Windsor, Montreal and Kitchener-Waterloo.

And the items most commonly ordered, according to the numbers, are pregnancy tests, condoms, plan B pills, lubricant and sex toys.

As Uber Eats says, we're one of the cities best prepped for safe sex and "sexual adventures" based on the sheer volume and types of products in residents' Uber Eats orders.

It's a perfectly-timed stat for World Sexual Health Day on September 4 — so continue keeping it sexy and safe, Toronto.

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Gwen Mamanoleas

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