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Lisa LaFlamme finally breaks silence on CTV exit and says she's cried every day since

The main character in perhaps the most controversial Canadian news story of the summer has finally broken her silence.

In a special column by the Toronto Star's Rosie DiManno, Lisa LaFlamme briefly explained her reaction to that dreadful day when her years-long contract with Bell Media was unexpectedly not renewed. 

She spoke to DiManno in London, England while appearing as a special news correspondent for CityNews following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

"I’ve cried every day," is the direct quote LaFlamme offers DiManno when talking about the weeks since she was unexpectedly let go as the anchor of CTV News.

DiManno states how the 58-year-old went to the cottage for those two months to try and escape and did lots of tear-shedding. 

DiManno accounts that during LaFlamme's stay in London, many members of the public and other journalists came up to her to express their sympathyand that because the subject is still so emotional, she had to stop the conversation from going any further.

"I have to cut off the conversation because I get so upset," she tells DiManno.

When news broke that the Queen died, Laflamme, who had been prepping for that day and even got media accreditation, was so upset she couldn't even tell such a meaningful (and sometimes personal) story to her viewers.

"I was despondent. Here's the biggest story of our lives and I didn't even have a job."

The DiManno column goes on to state that LaFlamme ended up leaving her cottage and travelling back to Toronto when she got a call from Rogers Media, asking her if she would help cover the death.

"They threw me a lifeline and I grabbed it. I felt human again," she tells DiManno.

She ended up covering this story over 10 days, and according to the column, helped viewership skyrocket for CityNews.

LaFlamme only talks about the aftermath of the controversy and does not speak about why or how it went down.

No mention of her grey hair, Wendy's or Dove, alleged fights with upper management or her replacement Omar Sachedina are included in the column.

It ends with LaFlamme admitting she doesn't know what is coming next, but that she will always be a reporter, with or without CTV.

"I don't know how to recreate a life. But you can't take reporting out of somebody's blood. I'm just grateful to CityNews because I got to do the only thing I've ever done."

It is unknown if LaFlamme will continue to work with Rogers or CityNews as coverage of the Queen's death or funeral winds down this week.

One thing for sure is that although her exit is painful and completely wrong, she is still the beloved, respected and kick-ass journalist she's always been.

"When a big story breaks, that's all you can see. I honestly can't see beyond that right now."

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