frost warning ontario

Ontario and the Toronto area are about to get hit with first blast of winter weather

September is the time for back-to-school, apple picking and now, frost warnings apparently. 

That's right folks, cover up your pumpkin plants with burlap sacks because the frost is coming and nobody is safe.

Environment Canada has issued frost advisories across the Greater Toronto Area, including parts of Newmarket, Georgina, Northern York and Durham Regions, Uxbridge and Beaverton.

Of course, this means that temperatures are expected to be near the freezing mark on this late September evening.

These icy conditions are known to damage sensitive fruit trees and vegetable plants, and owners are encouraged to cover them up to keep them warm and snug.

"Cover up plants, especially those in frost-prone areas. Take preventative measures to protect frost-sensitive plants and trees," says Environment Canada.

These advisories also stretch up into the Algonquin, Ottawa, Muskoka and Barrie areas as well.

"Frost advisories are issued when temperatures are expected to reach the freezing mark during the growing season, leading to potential damage and destruction to plants and crops."

Although Toronto is safe from seeing Jack Frost tonight, many city-dwellers woke up this morning to an unpleasant and bone-chilling scene.

Summer is truly over folks and it seems winter is approaching faster than one can remember.

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