perseids meteor shower

You can now catch a glimpse of the amazing Perseids meteor shower in Toronto

It's Perseids season, Toronto! Time to plan a cute date night and watch the meteors light up the sky.

Perseids are a meteor shower that line up with the Perseus constellation (hence the name) and this month is prime time to catch a glimpse.

The Government of Canada states the best time to catch this astronomical phenomenon is from late July to mid-August. EarthSky states for Canada, the predicate peak for the Northen Hemisphere is on Aug. 13.

However, due to the the full moon on this date, you won't see as many Perseids than previous years.

NASA reports that because the moon is so bright, it'll wash out the showers. But don't get completely bummed out, there is still a good chance your eyes will gaze upon the light show.

It is recommend to watch the Perseids late at night or very early in the morning, with the best chance of seeing them before dawn.

The Swift-Tuttle comet causes the meteor shower as it orbits the sun and leaves behind dusts and gravels.

During the summer, our planet crosses the comet's path and passes through the debris, which turns into meteors as they enter our atmosphere.

In Toronto there are tons of great viewing spots including Woodbine Beach, Scarborough Bluffs and High Park. If you're a little bit more adventurous the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill is also a great spot.

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