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Ontario's fall forecast just dropped and temperatures are going to be higher than usual

The fall weather forecast has just been released for Ontario and it seems the province is on track to have an unusually warm and dry fall.

AccuWeather's meteorologists forecast states "drier and warmer falls are expected across all of eastern Canada" including Quebec and southern and central Ontario.

This isn't exactly good news.

Toronto and other large parts of the province have witnessed abnormally "dry to severe drought conditions" and it seems these state of affairs will continue into September and October.

If you've happened to see fall colours across the city recently, there's a good chance these trees and plants are suffering from dry conditions.

"Although the largest population centres in southern Ontario are rather urbanized, a lack of wet weather this fall will continue to dry out any ground and may raise the wildfire risk across the rest of the province," according to AccuWeather.

There is a still a chance for nighttimes to quickly transition to colder temperatures thanks to drier ground.

According to the Canadian Drought Monitor, which was last updated as of July 31, Toronto is experiencing abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions.

"Limited rainfall from late-June into the first two weeks of July as well as the last week of July led to an overall deficit in moisture this month as much of southern Ontario reported 60 per cent of normal precipitin, with a small pocket west of Toronto recording less than 40 per cent of normal precipitation," read the July 2022 Drough Assessment for Ontario.

AccuWeather states this above-average warm weather will help to extend the length of fall foliage.

As climate change continues to impact our daily lives, above average temperatures will become more and more frequent in Toronto

Predictions for Toronto's winter month states a "very cold" and "snow-filled" season. 

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