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TTC investigating video of dangerous train-surfing stunt in Toronto

The TTC is incredibly ticked off after a video emerged on Canada Day showing a pair of men train surfing, and the transit agency warns that the perpetrators will be "prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

The video starts with some drone chase footage of a Line 3 Scarborough RT train before cutting to a pair of men sneaking between the gangway of two train cars.

They climb up on the roof of the fast-moving train waving Canadian flags, jumping from car to car as the train cruises through Scarborough towards Kennedy Station.

The pair eventually lay themselves flat as the train pulls into the station, where the adrenaline-seeking duo jump from the train roof onto the platform and make their escape, dashing through the station and over a fence to relative safety.

In additional footage included later in the video, one of the train surfers can be seen sparking up a massive doobie, which probably isn't helping anyone's already precarious balance atop a moving train.

As you can imagine, the TTC is not taking this issue lightly, commenting on Twitter Monday morning that the transit agency "became aware of recent video showing incredibly ill-advised stunt on Line 3," adding that the suspects are under investigation and that they have requested the video be pulled from YouTube.

"These incidents are taken seriously and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Dangerous and inconsiderate, to say the least."

YouTube user ChaseTO has landed themselves in trouble with the TTC before after similar train-surfing stunts, including clinging to the rear of a Line 2 train from Bathurst to Spadina in 2021.

This terrifying train-surfing trend is just one of many life-threatening ways clout-seekers build up their audiences online, similar to the so-called "Orbeez challenge" on TikTok and other dangerous fads.

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