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People are now camping out overnight to get their passports renewed in Toronto

Long lines at the passport office has been the story of spring as people look ahead to possibly travelling out of the country for the first time in over two years. 

That said, it seems with every passing week it's only getting worse with some people now even resorting to camping out overnight to ensure that they are able to get their passports renewed.

While countless people have lined up for hours on end, only to be turned away for a number of reasons including incorrect documentation or a lack of proof of travel, others are taking no chances and making sure they're the first in line.

Then there are those with more money than time who have reportedly even resorted to paying others to wait in line for them.

Service Canada has said that over the past year it has issued in excess of 1.3 million passports, and is still unable to keep up with the demand as people continue to look for renewals.

Between these long waits, and the chaos that has been Pearson Airport recently, one has to wonder if travelling in the coming months is really worth it or if waiting a bit longer could take some much needed stress of everyone involved. 

With only a couple weeks until the official start of summer, it's no surprise that plenty of people are looking to get everything in order for those getaways. However, those looking to fly this year may need to prepare for more overnight activities than just sleeping on the plane.

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