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Shocking viral video shows Toronto woman getting robbed in broad daylight

A shocking video that made rounds on social media this week shows a woman getting her purse stolen in a shopping centre parking lot in Toronto in broad daylight. 

The video, which was reshared multiple times on platforms like X (formerly Twitter), starts off with a woman walking towards the Food Basics at Woodside Square, located at 1571 Sandhurst Circle in Scarborough.

Toronto police confirmed to blogTO that the incident occurred on May 6 at approximately 5:30 p.m. 

After the woman notices two men following closely behind her, she turns around, and immediately begins to struggle the robbers as they attempt to steal her purse.

During the struggle, the woman screams repeatedly as the robbers attempt to flee. Once they successfully snatch her purse, the woman runs in the opposite direction and continues to scream for help.

The video ignited polarizing discussions about how bystanders in the parking lot could have stepped in to assist the woman and de-escalate the situation. 

"They just watched and recorded no help no calling police no yelling for help," one person wrote on Instagram, referring to the driver who was seemingly in their vehicle at the time that the dashcam footage was recorded. 

"How bold. In broad daylight and the people in the car with the dashcam just watched," another person said. 

"Not one person helps... Sad f*cking world we live in," one comment reads. 

Toronto police confirmed that two male youths have been arrested for this robbery. 

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