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Toronto woman tries to rescue group of adorable ducklings on DVP

Toronto's proximity to the waterfront, vast ravines and plethora of green spaces mean the city's residents constantly come into contact with wild species, and in recent years, animals have found themselves smack dab in the middle of TTC stations, grocery stores, and in this latest incident, high-traffic roads.

In a clip uploaded to TikTok by user @hosiermama, a woman can be seen ditching her vehicle on the Don Valley Parkway to help a trio of lost ducklings. 

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The young ducks can be seen frantically waddling away as the woman tries to redirect them off the busy freeway. 

"Oh my God. Wait, are they hers or is she just trying to save them?" one person asks in the video.

Thankfully, it looked like the selfless resident managed to avert the tiny animals from their imminent deaths and direct them back to safety on the side of the road. 

While many people in the comments section commended the woman for her bravery, others noted that exiting your vehicle in the middle of a highway could pose risks and potentially cause accidents. 

"That's kindness in its truest form," one person wrote.

"It's a kind gesture but it's extremely dangerous. It's caused major accidents and deaths before. Not worth the lives of others," another user pointed out

This isn't the first time Toronto residents have taken time out of their days to usher lost animals back to safety. Around the same time last year, a group of people near Yonge and Shuter streets rushed together to escort an adorable animal off the street

The animal — who resembled a baby groundhog, gopher or beaver, according to those at the scene — was thankfully redirected off the street as multiple people contacted 311 and the Toronto Wildlife Centre. 

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