2022 ontario election results

Ontario man projecting the results of the 2022 provincial election

An Ontario man and self-described political analyst is posting early projections of what he thinks will be the results of the 2022 provincial election.

Teddy Boragina, a man from Penetanguishene who posts about election results from around the world on his website, tweeted what he is calling his basic projections on Saturday.

Boragina's initial map of the GTA and Golden Horseshoe projects that 37 of the 71 available seats will be won by the PCs, 17 will be claimed by the NDP, 16 will be go to the Liberal Party and one will be awarded to the Green Party.

His analysis of other areas in the province also has the PCs coming out on top. 

While he has the Liberal Party doing well in Ottawa and the NDP claiming the majority of seats in Northern Ontario, his maps project the PCs to win most of everything else.

If his projections are anything close to what the final results will look like after Election Day on June 2, they indicate significantly different winners and losers compared to the 2018 election.

While Doug Ford and the PC party are still projected to come out on top, the maps project more wins by the Liberal Party and fewer ridings won by the NDP.

His projections are also somewhat consistent with other recently released polls that suggest Doug Ford will be re-elected as premier with around 35 percent of the vote.

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Steven Del Duca

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