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Here's what the weather forecast looks like for the rest of spring in Ontario

The spring forecast for Ontario in 2022 is still calling for some topsy-turvy swings that are sure to continue to test our patience as we get promising glimpses of summery conditions peppered between some less-than-ideal weather.

"It will be a case of two steps forward and one step back, as we'll see several more bouts of winter-like weather before spring finally hits its stride," The Weather Network's chief meteorologist said in his spring forecast at the beginning of last month.

Yes, that means hits of wet, sloppy snow like we experienced just a few days ago, the mess absolutely shocking residents who were hoping that by this late in the year, the season would have already properly began.

The Weather Network team has also now issued some new, updated forecasts, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem that spring and its welcome weather will be making a strong debut anytime soon.

"The first few weeks of March have provided us with a preview of what is still to come," TWN meterologist Dr. Doug Gillham writes.

"Periods of warm spring weather will continue to provide us with a delightful contrast to winter's fury, but we still have a rocky road ahead with a few more bouts of late-winter-like weather."

This pattern is expected to continue for the remainder of April and in May, with temps "near normal or on the cold side of normal for the season," according to multiple projections.

As the agency wrote in another update this week, "if you are looking forward to more consistent warm weather to come, unfortunately we will have to look beyond the beginning of May for that to actually arrive."

Thermometers across southern Canada will be sticking below what is typical for this time of year right through the first half of May: a turn of events that experts admit has proven "extremely disappointing."

Especially frustrating is the fact that the U.S. will be seeing a warmer season than usual during these months while we struggle to leave a long, dismal winter properly behind — but, because of this, the most southerly locales such as Windsor may get a few more hits of warmth than the rest of the country.

Along with chillier conditions, there will also be more precipitation than usual in the coming weeks, which was also a part of longer-term forecasts released earlier in the year.

The Eastern half of the country from Ontario to Atlantic Canada will be the wettest, with some snow and ice — about 5 cm total for Toronto in April — peppered in between bouts of spring showers.

While we may see some wintry days still to come, a more consistently warm pattern will settle in later in May, the agency says. By then, temperatures will reach about 19.2 C in Toronto, and even warmer in Ottawa and Montreal.

Here's hoping for some warm breezes from south of the border and more days closer to the "near normal" than the "colder than normal" mark until then.

In the meantime, TWN's weather experts are reminding residents to be sure to savour the few warmer days — like the ones on the way this weekend — "because it is unlikely that you will see an extended stretch of warm weather for at least a few more weeks."

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