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Gorgeous weather on tap for Southern Ontario this weekend as temperatures soar to 30 C

Toronto's weather is starting to turn absolutely gorgeous after an otherwise cold, grey week, bringing abundant sunshine and warm temperatures to soothe our winter-weary souls.

We're not completely out of the snowy woods just yet (April is volatile AF) but we will get another brief shot of warm weather before a colder system moves back in next week.

If the forecast turns out to be right, it'll feel like actual spring — if not summer — in some parts of Southern Ontario this weekend.

"April has been filled with some disappointment across southern Ontario, but patience for warmer, sunnier days will pay off, however brief," reads an update from the Weather Network posted Friday.

"Temperatures are set to soar by Sunday, with southwestern sections approaching and potentially hitting the 30-degree mark, giving them and the country a first taste of summer-like warmth this year."

Unfortunately, that mini summer won't last long —  by Wednesday, temperatures will fall right back down into the single digits as two-faced April shows her nasty side.

This warm blast starts in earnest on Sunday, when temps are expected to hit a balmy 15 C in Toronto, but it's already feeling quite nice outdoors as of Friday afternoon with a temperature of 9 C and plenty of sun in the sky.

Saturday morning could be a bit cool in downtown Toronto thanks to Lake Ontario, with a forecasted high of 9 C and potentially some fog and showers.

But Sunday, oh Sunday... that'll be a nice day — a really nice day, depending on where in the province you live.

"Temperatures are anticipated to be anywhere between 10-15 C above normal. Daytime highs will see a pleasant surge into the mid-20s for just about everyone in southern Ontario, except those near the lakeshores," writes the Weather Network.

"For the southwest, we will be closely watching the potential of some locales hitting 30 C — which would be a first for Ontario and Canada this year. Nearby communities just across the border are expected to hit 30 C."

So, if you've been thinking about taking a road trip down to Chatham or Windsor, this weekend would be a great one — unless of course you like cold weather, in which case you should head toward Ottawa.

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