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Record-breaking late April snow deals Toronto a slushy post-winter buzzkill

Snow in April is hardly a new phenomenon in Toronto, but it still manages to blindside the city with despair and confusion every spring.

A blanket of snow descended upon the region on Monday afternoon, the second-snowiest April 18 on record, with a 7 p.m. snow total of 4 cm. Tuesday's projected total of 3 cm will break the record for the snowiest April 19 in the city's history.

It made for some beautiful, if not unwelcome, photos and videos of what will hopefully be the last significant snow event of the season.

Some of the snow-obscured views looked pretty bleak for late April, though even in nicer weather, the Don Mills and Finch area is no Paris.

Other scenes, like the tree-lined view below, had more of a winter wonderland vibe.

Maybe it's the pine trees, but this view from the Yonge and Eglinton area could easily pass for a scene from late December.

Low visibility had downtown skyscrapers looking like ghostly silhouettes, or perhaps a shot from a dystopian sci-fi flick.

And though this latest blast of winter weather may be the cold season's death rattle, the sudden drop back to frigid temperatures and actual snow accumulation had people (including us at blogTO) complaining.

Like, can it just be over already?

One commenter took some liberties with our Twitter callout for "snow videos."

But it looks like the pain is almost over.

As of Tuesday morning, windchill factors have temperatures feeling in the negative single digits, but a massive shift is on the way, with a balmy high of 24 C expected for Sunday.

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