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It's snowing again in Toronto after just one day of warm weather and people are done

You know what sucks? Toronto's weather. Sorry not sorry. I'm over it — and judging by the overall sentiment among people online this afternoon, I'm far from the only one.

We, as a city, are done with this gloomy, grey grossness. We're done with road salt ruining our expensive boots, we're done with toques effing up our hair, and we're done with feeling like our heads are about to explode every time the temperature swings by 20 degrees overnight.

Please join me in shaking my left fist at the sky while using my right hand to scroll L.A. apartment listings.

Not even 24 hours after hitting a relatively balmy 16 C on Sunday, temperatures have dropped dramatically down to just 1 C in Canada's biggest city as of Monday afternoon.

But it's not really even the temperature that we're mad about; it's the feeling of looking outside to see thick snowflakes falling, once again, after that brief tease of springlike weather.

"No, no, no, no, no, I hate it, no, no, no, please no, why? no..." is the jist of how most people felt upon looking outside to snow coming down.

It's not like one of those pretty, mid-November winter wonderland snowfalls, either.

It's a flurry of grey on brown on sadness.

Annoyed, downtrodden and chilly as we all may be, anyone who's lived in the city for more than a year can tell you that this kind of back-and-forth BS weather is pretty normal for Toronto.

But after a particularly harsh winter rife with ice, rain, extreme cold temperatures and even a literal blizzard, plus two years of back-and-forth pandemic lockdowns... most of us are simply done.

Meteorologists say we can expect plenty more temperature swings this season before consistent warm weather takes hold. Sorry. I really am sorry to deliver that message.

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