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People are noticing more and more similarities between Doug Ford and Homer Simpson

Despite his efforts to be a man of the people, Premier Doug Ford is not exactly the most well-liked figure in Ontario right now as constituents grow ever more weary of lockdown restrictions and what they perceive to be the government's mishandling of the health crisis.

One of the latest critiques of Ford (aside from the whole Facetiming while driving thing) comes in the form of what people are finding to be a very apt comparison between the politician and a particularly rotund and inept cartoon character.

Homer Simpson is, of course, the dim-witted screwup of a father and human that '80s and '90s kids grew up watching on TV, and though he may be arguably more lovable and more of a household name than Ford, residents really see his character in the premier lately.

More than one individual has called Ford "the Homer Simpson" of provincial premiers and Canadian politics, not only for his overall physical attributes and mannerisms, but for some very specific moves that echo various Homer stunts.

The Simpsons has been known to eerily predict real-life events on multiple occasions, and it seems that citizens are finding this rings true of Ford-as-Homer in a lot of ways.

Ford's famous buck-a-beer platform, his dream of a Toronto monorail, and his Mr. Plow-like antics of digging out drivers during Monday's snowstorm are all being seen as very reminiscent of the show.

There is also his affinity for certain not-so-healthy foods that Homer would likewise enjoy, whether it be homemade cherry cheesecake — a recipe for which he shared with the province in 2020 — or Tim Horton's and McDonald's items.

People are also seeing Ford's approach to certain aspects of the pandemic as very Homer-esque, with tons of complaints about his team's policies coming from all sides for the last 22 months.

He oftentimes defers responsibility to others, whether to avoid dealing with things himself or, more likely, because he really doesn't know what to do as much as the experts do — something that also rings somewhat true of Homer.

And, there are of course his silly and sometimes nonsensical one-liners calling people a few fries short of a happy meal or calling himself an 800-pound gorilla.

Like Homer, Ford really is the typical white, middle-aged, at times bumbling dad, himself a father of four girls (one of whom is completely at odds with his government's COVID-19 orders).

And just like all of our dads (and Homer), though we may not love every attribute of them, they're the only ones we've got, love 'em or hate 'em — at least, in the case of Ford, we elect someone new into office.

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