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Toronto traffic near pre-pandemic levels despite people still working from home

Toronto traffic has always been a nightmare to navigate and even with 80 per cent of downtown office employees continuing to work from home, recent reports indicate the traffic is quickly returning to pre-pandemic levels of congestion.

The City of Toronto's Infrastructure and Environment Committee met on Thursday morning to go over a number of infrastructure concerns including the rising traffic rates across the city.

During the meeting, the committee was informed that city traffic is back up to 86 per cent of what it was prior to the pandemic.

As a result, the city is attempting to install more traffic control measures including bike lanes and ammendments to parking regulations in an effort to prevent congestion across Toronto.

"While there are varying impacts to traffic operations for motor vehicles, these impacts have been reviewed, analyzed and have been determined by Transportation Services to be acceptable in order to improve safety and comfort of all road users," said the Infrastructure and Environment Committee's agenda.

A number of roads have been made no parking zones or had parking severely restricted as an attempt to open up these areas to traffic.

Palmerston Avenue, Port Union Road, and Tecumseth Street are three areas in particular that have seen roadside parking get severely limited.

While the push for more bike lanes and use of public transit has been an ongoing battle with Toronto's growing population, the city seems determined to ensure that we come out of the pandemic with a city that is accessible by bus, bike, or foot while also not being a nightmare for those who do choose to drive.

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