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Toronto has been ranked the most pet-friendly city in Canada because obviously

If you've been to literally any park in downtown Toronto over the past decade, I don't need to tell you that dogs are the new kids — only way cuter and often better dressed.

The pet industry in this city is booming thanks to our collective love of dogs, cats and other cute critters, as evidenced by racks of sold-out balloon booties at pet stores and surprise kitty cameos on Zoom.

Just riding the dog-packed elevator of a busy condo building should tell visitors everything they need to know about how big a role pets play in the lives of most Toronto residents, but a new ranking makes it quantifiable: The 6ix is the friendliest city in Canada for our four-legged family members.

A company called My Baggage, which helps people move their belongings internationally, recently featured Canada as a place to relocate from elsewhere in the world.

The feature spouts off dozens of cool Canadian facts and provides some helpful tips for potential newcomers, including where they can find the best cities for their furry, feathered or otherwise non-human friends.

After ranking Canadian cities based on their number of veterinarians, pet-friendly restaurants, pet-friendly hotels and of course, pet stores, the company determined that Toronto is the best option for people moving to Canada from abroad.

"In first place is Toronto, with an impressive 114 pet stores, so you can get all your animal essentials with ease," reads the ranking.

"From walking through woodlands and strolling across a pet-friendly beach, to taking your pup to stunning lakes or enjoying a snack in a pet-friendly cafe."

The site also points out that Canada doesn't require pet passports for entry. That said, it's also one of the most expensive countries on earth to own a dog, with an average yearly estimated cost of $2,607.

"Moving with pets is no small task, especially if you're moving abroad," reads the ranking. "If you're wanting to relocate to Canada with your pets in tow, why not consider one of Canada's cities for pet lovers?"

With a staggering 114 pet stores, 99 pet-friendly hotels and at least 12 pet-friendly restaurants (but I feel like they're missing some?), Toronto is undoubtedly Canada's best place for pets, followed by Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and North York.

If you don't believe me, ask your nearest 30-something how many outfits their dogs, cats, or bearded dragons own.

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