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Someone put a giant clown head on their front lawn in Toronto

A giant clown head is the last thing you'd expect to see on a front lawn in Toronto. 

Lo and behold, the head does exist in front of a house at Gerrard Street East and Coxwell Avenue, near Little India

Sean Keay and his wife Elisa refer to it as "The Head", saying they put it up back in 2019, to get a laugh out of those passing by. 

Back then, Keay was working on the set of the Amazon Prime television show "The Boys", while season two was being shot in Toronto

One day, while taking down some of the set, Keay came across the giant clown head that was used in one of the scenes on the show.

The Head was "heading" (haha) to the landfill, so Keay took it home to see what kind of reaction he'd get from neighbours. 

"Me and my buddy thought it was hilarious, the thing kinda looks like Vladmir Putin," said Keay. 

Keay tells blogTO many people stop by the house to ask about The Head and where they got it from. 

The Head has turned into a neighbourhood photo-op, with some people passing by just to get a shot of them beside it.

The Keays tell blogTO that since 2019, they've dressed up The Head during Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

When the pandemic began, they even added a makeshift face mask onto its face to reflect the times. 

"We wanted to have lots of fun with the head, we love doing artsy little funny things like this," said Keay. 

The Keays say they plan to start a website dedicated to The Head, where questions about it can be answered and people can submit suggestions on how the couple should dress it up. 

"We love being interactive with our community," said Keay. 

Lead photo by

Shona Chornenki

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