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Joe Biden look-alike freaks out on Toronto bus after being asked to wear a mask

Disturbing video footage is circulating today of an older man physically threatening his fellow passengers on a Toronto bus after allegedly hurling racist comments at a TTC employee.

And, like so many other headline-making displays of rage and aggression these days, it all started with a simple request for someone to put on a face mask in compliance with local regulations.  

A rider who was on the bus in question and wishes to remain anonymous sent the clip to 6ixbuzzTV on Tuesday, telling the outlet that the older man seen screaming had been making racist remarks to the black driver.

According to the person who filmed the video, the man wasn't wearing a mask and wouldn't put one on, forcing the driver to stop the vehicle multiple times and ask the man not only to cover his face, but to step behind the white line at the front of the bus so that he could drive.

Tensions were reportedly high, as most passengers simply wanted to continue on with their commutes and get home.

One person tried to intervene after the dude got racist with their driver, asking him to please get off the bus. This is said to have infuriated the man, who turned around and started swinging, as seen in the video shared with 6ixbuzz.

The clip has been viewed more than 730,000 times over the past 24 hours, garnering thousands of comments — many of them calling out how much the white-haired man looks like U.S. President Joe Biden.

"Biden you good bro?" reads the top comment, to which another person replied, "Biden is pro-mask. This man looks like a Trump supporter."

"What is Joe Biden doing on a TTC bus?" and "Biden's brother got an extra shot of test[tosterone] last week," joked others.

Many commenters also decried the man's behaviour, expressing relief that he finally does get off the bus at the end of the video without hitting anyone. 

"We've seen the video of this regrettable incident, and thankfully it appears to have ended without further incident," said TTC spokesperson Stuart Green when asked about the altercation.

"The TTC absolutely condemns racism and abuse in all forms," he continued. "We want people to be respectful of, and courteous to, other customers and our employees at all times."

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