climate strike

Climate strike protesters fill Toronto streets for global march

Young people filled downtown Toronto streets joining the global climate strike Friday.

The event organized by Fridays for Future started at Queen's Park at 12:30 p.m. for a rally followed by a march. The strike marks a return to live events globally after many were cancelled due to the pandemic.

In Toronto, the event was expected to be the biggest since before the pandemic. The numbers didn't seem to reach the massive 2019 levels, but hundreds of people did come out, filling Toronto streets in the march.

Once again they came bearing signs with slogans like: "We speak for the trees" and "Climate Justice Now."

Many called for action from the newly re-elected Justin Trudeau and criticized the PM for not following through on climate change promises.

Some people got creative with battle gear and giant globes.

It appeared many people in the crowd were playing it safe and wore masks.

While there was no Trudeau, several politicians joined the march.

And at least one dog joined the action, concerned about the possible loss of snow in the future.

The event included music and speeches.

And a large march.

Hopefully, next year will see a return to a bigger crowd.

Lead photo by

Liz Rice

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